Providing Design Solutions for Healthcare Leaders, Architects & Designers and Developing the Best Environments for Patient and Resident-Centered-Care

Today’s top healthcare professionals recognize the impact well-designed facilities can have on both patient well-being and staff morale. From the esthetics and impact of color and art choices to the technicalities of effective lighting or the most efficient layout for a facility, healthcare facility design is a complex process demanding unique skills.

Astute hospital and healthcare facility leaders who understand the importance of patient-centered care rely on Design Works HC for evidence-based design solutions that provide positive results for their patients. They value our grasp as skilled health care consultants of current changes in healthcare and how those changes impact design as well as building codes, privacy standards, budgets and more.

While healthcare professionals may understand the ongoing changes in their field, they may not be as current on such design considerations as new and effective ways to plan space layout, use of day lighting and interior lighting, the subtle effects of color, wayfinding, artwork, and special materials necessary in a hospital environment — all of which a trained healthcare designer brings to either a renovation or a new facility. Design Works HC combines those critical design skills with a unique understanding of the medical aspects of any healthcare design project, including a familiarity with new technologies, types of procedures performed and the latest techniques and equipment.

If you are looking for a healthcare design consultant to guide you through the various phases of design and implementation, Design Works HC offers the best of both worlds – medical and design. Our grounding in healthcare, combined with our education and experience in the design of healthcare facilities, makes us uniquely qualified to consult with you on these complex environments that, ideally, are conducive to eliminating stress in patients and staff while providing a healing environment.